What is the National Association of Seniors in Finland?

What is the National Association of Seniors in Finland?

The National Association of Seniors promotes the social security and well-being of the elderly and pensioners and monitors their rights in accordance with the association's values. The union is non-party affiliation.

The National Association of Seniors is a national pensioners' organisation whose purpose is to promote the social security and well-being of seniors. 

The theme of the General Assembly term 2023-2026 is "Joy of life and strength". 

Our association has 14 district organisations and 155 local senior associations, which organise diverse activities throughout Finland. There are already more than 25,000 members.

The Finnish Seniors' Association communicates its values and activities, guides and trains its members, organises various events, supports voluntary service activities, and carries out publishing, recreational and rehabilitation activities.  The association maintains contact with pensioners' and social sector organisations and authorities, as well as decision-makers important for its operations, and engages in international cooperation.

In order to support its activities, the association may, according to its statutes, "accept donations and bequests, own and manage movable and immovable property and intellectual property necessary for its operations, organise bazaars and lotteries, and engage in accommodation, publishing, restaurant operations, kiosk trade, and the sale of petitions and other articles."

A registered local association, a registered district organisation formed by local associations and a national registered association can become a full member. The union's privacy policy can be viewed here.

The organisation is funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health from the proceeds of Veikkaus.

National Association of Seniors

● Founded 10.10.1971 
● Members 25,000
● Local associations 155
● District organizations 14